writing  for  wellbeing

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Writing can enhance your wellbeing in a number of ways.  The slow, thoughtful act of writing can be relaxing , helping you recharge your batteries and playful, providing a bit of ‘time-out ‘. Writing can be a way of untangling muddled or chaotic thoughts, which can feel empowering  or even liberating. It can also be cathartic so that, by putting words on paper, you have a sense of having  got something ‘out of your system.’

Writing for wellbeing is less formal than writing therapy. Although still structured and confidential, the therapist will be more like a witness and facilitator. She will help you  to write, and think with you about the meaning of your words but she will not explore what lies behind their meaning or how your thought-processes may have been shaped by the past. Sessions will be focussed around the task of writing .  The things  you choose to write about will not be examined or analysed, but simply heard and held.


Sessions may be one-off bookings or short courses of six sessions.

By writing it all down…I believe I get a little outside it.‘ CS Lewis writing about the death of his wife in A Grief Observed