writing therapy

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Putting things into words and setting the words down on paper can, in itself, be therapeutic -  lessening anxiety and giving a greater sense of coherence and perspective.

Writing Therapy offers a safe and structured environment where you can explore ideas, emotions and experiences through guided writing with a therapist who will help you think about your words and the meaning they have for you.

Writing reflectively -  in response to external stimuli such as pictures, objects, music or aromas – can often bring awareness of memories or feelings which have been hidden, helping you make better sense of yourself and life events. Writing may be especially helpful when facing:





Writing Therapy takes place over an agreed number of sessions or can be integrated more  flexibly into ongoing counselling work.

No previous writing experience is necessary.

Bereavement • Change or Transition • Illness or Treatment •  Anxiety    Chronic Pain or Fatigue  •  Relationship Breakdown  • Loss  • Depression