psychodynamic counselling

Counselling provides a formal, boundaried setting where thoughts, feelings, events or behaviours that are causing you distress can be spoken about confidentially.  I offer a professional service to both individuals and couples.

Counsellors don’t give advice or tell you what to do but, rather, think with you about the things that are troubling you, helping you find your own way forward.

Psychodynamic counselling looks at the bigger picture, considering the ways in which problems in the here-and-now  may have been affected by the past – especially the experiences of childhood. Psychodynamic training enables  a therapist to work with you to notice connections or patterns of which you’ve previously been unaware, increasing your understanding of yourself and others and empowering you to live a more fulfilled and integrated life.

Counselling may be short term – focussing on a particular problem you want to resolve  –  or longer term and more exploratory, helping you make changes to the way you behave and think. Counselling is appropriate for a wide range of issues but I have particular  experience in:


Bereavement • Cancer • Sexual Abuse • Trauma • Relationship Difficulties Depression • Anxiety  • Mid-Life ChangeWork-Life  Balance


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